WITH THE EARNEST DESIRE to bring hope in the Campus and Main Office amid pandemic situation, Vice President for Finance and Management, Dr.  Marcelo Gutierrez, Jr., initiated a weekly bible sharing among faculty and non-teaching personnel of Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus.

“Relation with God, not religion. This is what I want to bring in our university, for them [faculty and no-teaching personnel] to feel the presence of the Lord thru His words,” Dr. Gutierrez said.

The Vice President who has been passionate in preaching the Gospel since 2000, said that the bible sharing is really important for employees especially during these challenging times where mental and spiritual health are affected.

“The Word of God is really important because it serves as food for our soul. Imagine, if we do not eat, we feel weakened. It is the same with our soul, we need food – the Word of God,” he added.

As an instrument of hope, he is also distributing free bible to the attendees for them to have guide in their spiritual journey.

“In the long run, I want also to help our employees to have good attitude and work ethics, because this may affect the service delivery of our university, in general,” the Vice President said.

He added that this program may bring ‘transformation’ to one’s life, especially if they learn to build a strong foundation through the love of God.

Before having the forum, Dr. Gutierrez is already conducting bible study to different offices and even to students.

“This has become my calling. And I know that with this commitment, I am sharing the love of God to others,” the preacher said as he wanted also to invite not just the faculty and non-teaching staff but also the top level management, given that one of the core values of the university is spirituality.

So for those who want to join, the bible sharing is open to all, just visit the De Venecia Information Technology Center (Library) every Tuesday, 12-1PM. //mmpd