Discussion room

The discussion room of the campus serves as an avenue where students or personnel conduct meetings. It is usually used for many kinds of conferences as well as training.

social hall

The Campus recognizes the importance of developing social skills of the students and employees; thus, social halls are provided for collaborative work, recreational and educational games, and other socialization activities.


The Campus Cafeteria is managed by the HM Department which serves as a training ground for its students. It serves as a meeting venue for students and personnel to relax and discuss life while enjoying a sumptuous meal at reasonable prices.


The Campus Bookstore is more than just retail because its purpose is to give the academic community easy access to the supplies they need for their work and studies. It contains all students’ and personnel’s needs, from course materials and supplies to PSU-branded apparel like uniforms, t-shirts, and jogging trousers, among other things.

mock hotel room

The Mock Hotel Room provides hands-on experience in housekeeping for the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) students. The utilization of this room signifies the criticality of the accommodation component in the hotel product; hence, its importance in terms of its conceptualization and operation. In line with this, students know that a room layout is essential for a comfortable and convenient stay for the guest.


The Bar’s primary purpose is to provide students with exposure to actual bartending and coffee-making. On the sides of the bar are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in small bottles used for cocktail-making. Coffee-maker materials and different kinds of glasses are also placed here.


As gateways to different knowledge and cultures, libraries play a fundamental role in the lives of students and faculty. The Campus Library subscribes to e-books and journal to provide teachers and students with more options for research. Librarians assist students in finding resources to fit their project and even walk students through citing those sources once they see them.

speech lab

The Speech Laboratory is a multi-media studio dedicated to enhance students’ communication skills. It is an avenue for students to record and rehearse speeches and to assist with producing high-quality, multi-media projects. Educators could record instructional videos and lessons using Galileo One, a clip-on interactive device. There is a schedule of use of the speech laboratory by teachers and students.


The Business Incubation Room gives access to everyone to a network of mentors, coaches, and educational programming. This room is where everyone could meet and discuss innovations and plans geared toward business and educational innovation.

Support center

The Support Center is an all-in-one workplace that provides support to students, enhancing performance, growth, and wellness. Students here could help each other in their academics and other curricular activities. Teachers are also present to give tutoring assistance and guidance to students. In this room, everyone feels like a family.

interfaith room

The Interfaith Rooms of the Campus are provided where all students and employees from different religions can pray. They can spend time in contemplation or prayer for the Almighty One. Through these rooms, students can develop respect to each religion, unifying them in faith.


Dormitories are extracurricular educational facilities that give students opportunities to experience communal life. PSU-ACC has partnered with different dormitories near the Campus to provide lodging facilities to students residing either in far-flung barangays of Alaminos City or in other towns inside and outside the province of Pangasinan. 


swimming pool

The university has partnered with a resort for aquatic activities for students. The pictures show students and faculty who are training for scuba diving as part of the coral reef restoration project of Pangasinan State University in partnership with the Local Government of Alaminos.


The Campus Clinic promotes, develops, and maintains the health and general well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

convention hall

The Campus has partnered with the Local Government of Alaminos to use the Convention Center. The Don Leopoldo Sison Convention Center is always used by the university for significant events like job fairs, as shown in the pictures below.