DR. ROSARIO DL. VALENCERINA, former Dean of College of Education, has been elected to serve as Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus Faculty Club President.

Valencerina who is under Inter-college Support for Faculty (ICSF) Party, won in a 76% voter turn-out election on December 17 (Thursday) facilitated by the Committee on Election headed by the outgoing Faculty Club President, Dr. Minerva Joy Pedralvez.

“Since I am a so-called retirable [near to retire], I want to leave a legacy in PSU advocating a strong faculty bond through social activities and regular fora,” said by the longest-serving dean of the Campus.

She shared that she felt more than happy after knowing that she is the lone candidate for the position, “hindi ako nag-struggle, it is a joy to see the unity and high-regard of faculty members as a solo runner.”

Valencerina’s platforms were presented through a ten-point agenda highlighting strong faculty support thru events and activities such as enhancement seminars and trainings, Faculty Day, and Quarterly Faculty Forum; financial assistance; Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Fight; Faculty Club Office/Building Construction; Inter-SUC Linkages; and Creation of ICSF Times Publication.

“Aside from our platforms, I am hoping to have a united Faculty Club aiming for one goal, so I am also looking forward for the support and active participation of members,” the incumbent President said after being asked on what to expect for the newly-installed officers.

Along with Dr. Valencerina who were also took their oaths as officers in front of Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo, Executive Director, were: Dr. Jeff Pereyras (Vice President), Dr. Potenciano Conte, Jr. (Secretary), Prof. Rizalyn Capanas (Treasurer), Dr. Lina Cancino (Auditor), Prof. Bernie Pioquinto (Auditor), Prof. Elnora Dudang (Business Manager), Dr. Corlito Cruz (Business Manager), Dr. Christian Thom Tabisola (Press Relation Officer), and Dr. Rricky Tim Sison (Press Relation Officer).

Before the year ends, the club is eyeing to intensify collection of fees to support all programs and projects which include the conduct of Faculty Development Webinar scheduled early next year and the production of publication materials.

In reference, the election of Faculty Club Officers is in accordance with the existing CBL, to represent the sector of teaching forces of the campus in the institutional management decisions.

In order to run in the position, the candidate must be a bonafide member of the PSU-LC Faculty Club under permanent or temporary status and must submit a duly accomplished Candidacy/Nomination Form.

The Committee of Election this year was composed of Dr. Minerva Joy B. Pedralvez (Chair), Dr. Ma. Rhodora E. Malicdem (Co-chair), and Ms. Mary Joyce Camille A. Paragas, Mrs. Grace De Vera, and Mr. Jayson F. Tamayo as members.

Said election was conducted face-to-face, setting schedule per college to avoid congestion in the voting area in Technical-Vocational Buiding, following the safety protocols set by the Inter-agency Task Force.   /mmpd