Dr. Randy Joy M. Ventayen, University Web Administrator, presented two web-related and socially relevant studies in the 14th International Conference on Researches in Science and Technology (ICRST) held at the Nanyang Technological University on June 16-17.

“Multilingual Detection and Mapping of Emergency and Disaster Related Tweets in Social Media” and “Human Resource Practices for Teaching Personnel of Selected Private Asian Higher Educational Institution” are the research titles of Dr. Ventayen that were included in the hundreds of researches for the said recently held international conference.

Dr. Ventayen while presenting his research on “Multilingual Detection and Analysis of Emergency and Disaster Related Tweets in Social Media” during the 14th ICRST in Singapore.

The former research paper promoted the use of local language by translating the keyword using the specified language of the identified region and it will enhance and bridge the gap between the major speaking languages from the local areas of the country specifically in the Ilocos Region, while the latter investigated the job satisfaction of teaching personnel of selected higher educational institution in Pangasinan, specifically three private higher education institutions.

Aside from these researches, Dr. Ventayen also presented other research papers in the 5th International Conference on Studies in Business, Management, Education and Law last September 18-19. Along with him are some of the faculty members of the College of Business and Public Administration and College of Hospitality Management.

These researches are entitled “Improvement of Web Rankings and Implementation of Components Sub-domain” and “Web Satisfaction Rating and Comparison of State University and Colleges Web Rankings.”

According to Dr. Ventayen, he is now currently looking for international publications that could accept his researchers.