Decimating the firestorm of misinformation and rumors circulating COVID-19 vaccination, Student Services and Alumni Affairs Office and Medical-Dental Services Unit administered a webinar series on vaccination awareness on April 13 (Tuesday) through Zoom meeting.

Confounded by the proliferation of false information concerning the status of COVID-19 vaccination, many were rendered skeptical and apprehensive. Thus, PSU-SSAAO arm in arm with the M-DS unit organized the webinar series on COVID-19 vaccine awareness, in order to gear up the entire PSU community, primarily, the students.

“Though many of us may be afraid to get the ‘shot’, this first of the series of webinar will ascertain your doubts, straighten your disbeliefs, and enlighten your mind; it will serve as an eye opener in getting the shotthe ‘shot of hope’, ” said Dr. Christia Marie P. Flores, Head, M-DS Unit.

Dr. Beverly Mae C. Castillo, the event’s resource speaker, comprehensively underscored COVID-19 from its emergence to the present-day status, laid the foreground of vaccination, exposed and debunked myths associated with it. She borne down proven self-preventive measures, such as: wearing of mask and face shield; maintain physical and social distance; constant and proper handwashing; proper disposal of face mask; strengthen immune system.

Dr. Castillo refuted false claims on COVID-19 vaccination, to wit:

Myth #1: Vaccination is a massive experiment, vaccinees are the ‘lab rats’
Fact: Approved vaccines undergone thorough and meticulous process

Myth #2: Vaccines are costly
Fact: To date, vaccines are free, especially, for the priority group

Myth #3: COVID-19 vaccine alters DNA
Fact: mRNA is used in vaccines, which cannot penetrate nucleus where DNA is being produced

Myth #4: Vaccines are unsafe as they are rushed
Fact: Vaccines underwent and passed broad-gauge clinical trials and safety standards

Myth #5: There is high-risk of virus acquisition from vaccines
Fact: Vaccines develop immune system’s active response against the virus

Myth #6: Vaccinees no longer need to follow safety protocols after inoculation
Fact: Abiding to safety protocols is crucial unless the pandemic has ended

Myth #7: Bodybuilding And Lower Back Pain! effective tablets with tadalafil for raising potency bodybuilding motivation – eyes on the prize Side-effects of COVID-19 vaccine are severe and dreadful
Fact: Known side-effects are similar with other flu vaccines

Myth #8: Vaccines develop allergy
Fact: There is no known study that vaccines develop allergies

Myth #9: Vaccinees become resistant to the virus
Fact: They may still get infected, but chances are minimal and symptoms will be less severe

Myth #10: Vaccines are futile as cases continue to skyrocket daily
Fact: Vaccination promotes Herd Immunity (80% of the population must get a shot)

“Getting vaccinated is crucial for everyone. For us to develop Herd Immunity which will significantly lead to mitigation of COVID-19 cases,” Dr. Castillo reiterated.

Dismantling skepticism towards vaccination, University President, Dr. Dexter R. Buted led the PSU community as he got inoculated last March 18, 2021.

“Una akong nagpabakuna upang maalis ang takot sa lahat ng mga PSUnians at para mahikayat silang magpavaccine na rin,” Dr. Buted echoed.

The webinar series is part of PSU’s resolute initiative in providing relevant and reliable information about COVID-19 pandemic. /ksg