Pangasinan State University- Admission, Guidance and Testing Office conducted a Career Guidance and Information Dissemination to the Senior High students from neighboring schools.

Scheduled on February 19, the university visited National High Schools (NHSs) in towns of Bugallon, Aguilar and Mangatarem to help individuals make informed and calculated decisions in career and also to prepare students in entering in the tertiary level.

Moreover, 15 faculty members were chosen to represent their respective college to inform and disseminate the universityโ€™s offered courses, National Free Tuition Fee Program, admission process, testing schedule and requirements.

Faculty members present in the Career Guidance also shared a brief description of each programs in the university to help the senior high school students identify their career path in the tertiary level.

Said activity also includes distribution of advertisement materials such as standard posters and pamphlets and presentation of universityโ€™s holistic and strategic locations, facilities, policies and competencies.

With the conduct of the career guidance, the guidance office is expecting over 4,000 examinees to take the college admission test slated on March 4, 5 and 11.