KNOWN AS BEST RESEARCH UNIT in the university, the Lingayen Campus mounted its commitment to produce more researches by conducting training-workshop in support to faculty-researchers.

On May 20 (Thursday), the Research Unit steered a Training-Workshop for Disbursement, Liquidation, and Documentary Requirements of 2021 Funded Researches to guide faculty-researchers on the conduct of their studies.

“This training is very important to help researchers in the preparation of their documentary requirements for them to successfully accomplish their academic researches,” Dr. Jun Camara, Research Coordinator, said.

He cited that the procedure on disbursement and liquidation is one of the critical processes in conducting funded research especially that it involves financial and legal matters.

Ms. Marina Ruby Sulipa, Campus Accountant, served as resource speaker to facilitate participants on the preparation of item-line budget and milestones alignment as documentary requirements.

”With this, we want to enlighten our faculty-researchers to some ways on how to claim fund following proper legalities and procedures. Being aware to these legal aspects will help them to smoothly claim their funds,” the Campus Accountant said.

For this semester, the campus tallied 33 funded researches which is the highest among the nine research units. Aside from that, the unit had submitted proposals this May 17 to be presented on the next Research Consortium.

For four consecutive years, Lingayen accounts the highest number of research publications, presentations and citations proving that the campus is steadfast to one of the fourfold functions of the institution.

“We want to support our faculty members to consider research as academic culture not just for university’s accomplishment but also for their professional growth,” Dr. Camara said.

Having said that, the unit is eyeing to conduct another training-workshop on writing articles using IMRAD and terminal reports on June 4.  /mmpd