The different units of Pangasinan State University (PSU) have been working diligently at sustaining and assuring the public of their quality service, according to a recent update during the three-day Annual Accomplishment Report presentations which started on January 30 to February 1.

For the year 2018, there had been a great move towards benefiting both the employees and the students, Dr. Melody De Vera, PSU Planning Director, stated in an interview. Every unit’s contribution is essential for it is towards the realization of the University’s vision, De Vera added.

More so, the following are the reported breakthroughs in Research, Extension, and Instruction: The Curriculum Instruction and Accreditation made certain that all programs were accredited up to Level IV in its eventual goal to attain Center of Excellence; ISO certification, the Philippine Quality Award was worked upon by the Quality Assurance (QA) of the University; Publication of researches internationally and locally by PSU Professors and Instructors; For the University’s Extension, PSU did reach out to those out-of-school youth and unemployed by conducting trainings and seminars to barangays engaging them in livelihood activities like Bangus deboning and Mushroom and Culture and Production.

Each day of the meeting participated by University Directors was a discussion of accomplishments among ten units.

On the first day, Registrar, Cultural Affairs, Admission-Guidance and Counseling, Research-Patenting-Publication, Income Generating Projects, Disaster and Risk, Procurement, OJT, BAC and Auxiliary Services reported. While Human Resource, Quality Assurance, Physical Plant and Facilities, Medical and Dental Services, Student Service, Statistics Center, Property and Supply, International Linkages, PRPIO, and CEL for the second day.

On February 1, University Directors’ Meeting was concluded with GAD, Engineering, Extension and Community Services, Security and Maintenance, Legal Services, MIS, Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, Sports, CIA, and Special Projects as the last units to report their accomplishments.

The conduct of Annual Accomplishment Report is important to reflect on what the University as a whole has done, Dr. De Vera emphasized as she also unraveled that collaboration is the key to the University’s success.