The Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) organized virtual workshop on Intellectual Property for University Researchers to gain proficiency on Intellectual Property and Technology Business Management (IP-TBM).

Among the representatives of PSU who joined Dr. Dexter Buted was the universityโ€™s Head of Intellectual Property and Research Utilization Dr. Catalina Platon. The program also required two representatives to each SUC to undergo succeeding trainings. Under the chemical category is Prof. Jennifer Gangan, an agriculturist in PSU San Carlos while for mechanical category is Engr. Harry Erasquin, an electrical engineer from PSU Urdaneta.

Both are scheduled to go on a one-week training every month for six months. After that, they will proceed to the business aspect of the training which will commence in 2021.

Dr. Buted expressed his gratitude and support to this initiative in a speech on behalf on the PSU community. He also stated the importance of this project in this age of emerging technological advancement and innovation. He affirmed that through this webinar, stronger partnerships and linkages to different agencies and industries would be built for better opportunities as PSU promotes this advocacy to students for a progressive economy through research and innovation. Hence, continuous support to the project โ€œUniversityโ€™s Strategies in Technology Acceleration Initiatives by Nurturing (SUSTAIN)โ€ of the Intellectual Property and Technology Business Management (IP-TBM) Offices of the Consortia Member Agencies would be assured.