Pangasinan State University will be introducing a new delivery modality โ€“ Radio and TV-Based Instruction, that can tailor-fit every learnerโ€™s needs, regardless of the limitations to remote learning in their area. This will strengthen the resiliency of the education system in PSU beyond the CoVid-19 pandemic.

The university has purchased Radio and TV Broadcasting equipment which will serve as an additional platform for public announcements, supplemental teachings and most importantly as vehicle to deliver instruction.

For TV and radio-based teaching, the University will soon be launching a TV Programโ€”a program that converts self-learning modules into video lessons.

This multi-purpose appurtenances is a proof of PSUโ€™s commitment in ensuring quality service and education. The University continues to allocate its resources to meaningful and purposeful projects that will benefit all its stakeholders. PSU continues to build up its pool of teacher broadcasters and personnel to serve such purpose.