raatiUnder the scorching heat of the sun, trooped like mutant ninja turtles ready for battle, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadets and cadettes executed the military drills before the vigilant RAATI evaluation team wherein the Lingayen-Binmaley-Alaminos ROTC Unit emerged victorious after bagging the 2nd runner up spot in the Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection (RAATI) last March 29 held at the Athletic field of PSU Lingayen.

Furthermore, the PSU Lingayen-Binmaley-Alaminos ROTC unit brought home the following awards: Best in Map Reading, Best in Military Courtesy and Discipline, Best in Marching Band, and Best in Assistant Commandants Briefing. Moreover, the PSU Lingayen-Binmaley-Alaminos ROTC unit promised to improve their over-all ranking and their individual awards next year.

However, Commander Cadet Col.  Ma. Jesusa M. Soriano of PSU Binmaley brought pride to the university after earning the Best in Female Cadet Officer award.

The Chairman of the ROTC-RAATI team, Col. Prudencio Asto signified during his opening remarks the competent training ground that the cadets/cadettes underwent that required attitude towards nationalism, dedication and teamwork. Furthermore, he also commended the new Corps Commander Col. Maria Jesusa Soriano for being the very first lady in the lineage of Corps Commanders as well as to her staff for their dedication as committed citizen army builders.

On the other hand, Lt. Col. Leonardo Solomon GSC (INF), Commandant of the ROTC-RAATI reiterated the need to evaluate the ROTC program envisioned by the AFP in applying the cadet’s theoretical knowledge in an actual scenario.

                Concurrently, the cadets/cadettes were applauded for their outstanding performance rating by the evaluating team.

University President Dr. Dexter R. Buted graced the occasion along with the ROTC Superintendent, Col Aniceto D. Vicente CAV (GSC) PA, RAATI Chairman Col. Prudencio R. Asto, FS (GSC), Commandant LTC Leonardo F. Solomon, GSC (INF) PA, Assistant Commandant LTC Robert G. Sison (RES), Director for NSTP LTC Susana Fernandez, Campus Executive Directors of Lingayen, Binmaley, Alaminos Dr. Armando D. Junio, Dr. Marcelo Gutierrez, Dr. Jessica J. Jimenez and the NSTP Coordinators of Lingayen, Binmaley, Alaminos Campus Ms. Melani B. Caronongan, Mr. Rey Raguindin, and Mr. Gelson Ugalde.

  • Arrival Honor
  • Ceremonial Parade
  • Inspection Rank
  • Company Drill
  • Map Reading
  • MOI 2nd Class
  • Theoretical Exam
  • DRRO
  • SUT
  • OPORD Writing
  • Military Courtesy and Discipline
  • Field Stripping (Cal .45)
  • Field Stripping (M16A1 U.S. Riffle)
  • Uniform
  • Admin Aspect
  • Band

by: JULIUS A. SISON – Deputy Director for Sports Development