Pangasinan State University (PSU) is now one of the sought after universities in the entire Philippines for ranking 58th spot in the country’s Most Popular Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the popular Web Ranking Organization- University Ranking (uniRank).

UniRank formerly known as 4 International Colleges and Universities ( is an international higher education search engine and directory that evaluates accredited HEIs in the world which include 12,358 colleges and universities in over 200 countries with the aim to provide an approximate popularity ranking of world Universities and Colleges based upon the popularity of the websites in terms of traffic, trust and quality link popularity.

Moreover, bases for HEI inclusion depend if Universities or Colleges: are officially recognized, licensed and/or accredited by national or regional bodies such as Ministries of Higher Education or recognized accrediting organizations depending on the country legislation; are officially entitled to grant at least four-year undergraduate degrees, such as Bachelor degrees, and/or postgraduate degrees; and provide higher education courses mainly in a traditional, face-to-face learning format through on-site facilities.

“The ranking serves as an avenue for PSU to be known not just in the entire Philippines but also in the world. With this, we can encourage more HEIs and even international students to be part of our institution,” said Dr. Randy Joy Ventayen, University Web Administrator.

Ranking was made upon an algorithm including 5 unbiased and independent web metrics extracted from 4 different web intelligence sources, namely: Moz Domain Authority, Alexa Global Rank, SimilarWeb Global Rank, Majestic Referring Domains and Majestic Trust Flow.

Meanwhile, PSU Administration through the leadership of Dr. Dexter R. Buted has carved immense metamorphoses in the four pillars of the university- instruction, research, extension and production- to grasp spotlight in the international stage.

Evidently in two years of Dr. Buted, the academe has seen transformations in the physical and organizational facets which include establishment of academic buildings and other infrastructures, strengthening student learning and career development, modernization of university processes, development of strong research culture and technology and efficient marketing strategy. Recently, PSU had passed the Quality Assurance Audit for ISO 9001:2015.

“This is a great honor for PSU that even in non-academic ranking, we are still recognized. This is just a manifestation that PSU is very near to its vision- to become an ASEAN Premier State University in 2020,” Dr. Ventayen said.

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PSU continues to soar high as one of the Philippines most popular HEIs.