DSC_7994To identify areas for improvement and set targets for institutional developments that reflect the institution’s vision to become an ASEAN Premier State University in 2020, PSU visited Lyceum University of the Philippines (LPU) in Batangas in a benchmarking activity followed by a team building spearheaded by the Planning Office and the Office of the President wherein most of the PSU officials were mandated to join last January 10-12.

          The said benchmarking cum team building activity developed and recognized moments of collaboration and enabled the structured sharing of ideas and good practices on institutional strengths and weaknesses. In this manner, PSU and LPU officials learned together on how they can improve strategy by comparing their respective processes in a highly structured way.

Various games and activities were conducted and utilized in the team building activity to improve team effectiveness beyond the traditional concept of team building. Furthermore, it intended to explore challenges of change in a dynamic context based around the idea of ‘teaming’ being a verb rather than a noun. Some of the games and activities included Pinoy Henyo, Take What You Need, Picture Pieces, Salt and Pepper, Pass the Message and Spot the Difference.

Moreover, PSU shall adopt LPU’s operations and working environment to its current and future operations and governance to strengthen its institutional needs.  Besides, both institutions imposed significant contributions to each other’s strategic goals.

All concerned officials of PSU included Directors for Center for English Language, Curriculum Instruction Accreditation (CIA), Supply, HRMDO, Admission, Guidance and Testing, Sports and Physical Education, Local and International Linkages, Learning Resource Center, Planning Office, Quality Assurance, Management Information System (MIS), Research, Auxiliary Services, PRPIO, Procurement, CAPHS, Training Institute, Deputy Directors for Student Affairs, Planning Office, MIS, Campus Executive Directors of all PSU campuses, Dean of the School of Advanced Studies (SAS), a faculty member of PSU San Carlos, Chief Administrative Officer, VP for Administration, VP for Academic and Research, VP for Support Services, Extension and Training and the University President.