Employee wellness activities were highlighted in Pangasinan State University’s celebration of the 120th Civil Service Anniversary with the theme: Philippine Civil Service @120: Public Sector in the Age of Digital Transformation.

The Office of the University President released a memorandum on September 10 stating that all campuses should host festivities on the next three weeks to teaching and non-teaching employees.

The first week was themed “Linggo ng Yamang Tao” and the employees gracefully danced to the electrifying Zumba music. The following week was “Linggo ng Malasakit”, wherein notable resource speakers and spiritual leaders were invited to share inspirational and informative lectures on mental health and spirituality.

Said anniversary concluded with a thanksgiving mass and program conducted by the Human Resource Management and Development Office at the Telesforo Boquiren Convention Hall on September 30. Civil Service Commission’s Senior Human Resource Specialist for Western Pangasinan Mr. Romel S. Rivera thanked the PSUnians for their continuous commitment and compassion to government service.