TheCapture2 Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACCUP) has conducted Preliminary Survey Visit (PSV) to the 10 curricular programs of the following campuses on April 12-13, 2016.

PSU Alaminos City, Binmaley, San Carlos City and Urdaneta City campuses underwent evaluation of their programs by the accreditors. Passing the assessment entitles the program to be awarded a Candidate Status valid for two (2) years.

University President, Dexter Buted said that the University is a step closer towards the realization of its vision of becoming an ASEAN State University in 2020.

The programs scheduled for evaluation were assessed in 10 areas namely (1) Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives; (2) Faculty; (3) Curriculum and Instruction; (4) Support to Students; (5) Research, (6) Extension and Community Involvement; (7) Library; (8) Physical Plant Facilities; (9) Laboratories; (10) Administration. The preliminary survey visit is primarily documents-focused which shall cover at least three years before the desired visit. Moreover, the result of the evaluation in the ten areas will determine the level of readiness of an academic program to be accredited.

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The AACCUP accreditors and evaluators during the documentary analysis held at the Accreditation room.