Fortifying Pangasinan State University’s quality management system, a university level risk management workshop was conducted among focal persons and process owners on March 8 (Monday) at DVITC Library-Main Campus.

In conformance to the requirements of ISO 9001 2015 standards, PSU-Quality Assurance Office initiated by Dr. Elbert M. Galas held the risk management workshop as an active effort to strengthen the risk management capabilities of the focal persons and process owners of the four risk categories identified by the university, namely Disaster, Technology, Financial, and Health, Safety & Security Risks.

The workshop proper was led by Dr. Grace M Suratos (Head of Risk Management Unit), who systematically covered the risk management process and developing a risk management plan. She gravitated on the importance of an effective risk management plan in achieving the University’s goals and objectives as this will pave way for the reformation of an organization’s ability to make better decisions, upscale the ability to provide quality products and services, and boost clientele’s confidence toward the expected product, service.

Moreover, Dr. Suratos fervently encouraged FPPOs to be ‘risk-based thinkers’ as it will enable a proactive approach in crafting a quality management system that comprehensively reckons on minimizing faults and maximizing opportunities as they arise.

“To tread meticulously as they start framing their specific risk management plan to cover all areas, since it is only in development stage,” she echoed.

The event serves as cornerstone for succeeding risk management workshops across PSU campuses from March 18-April 7.