Marked by premium quality, the Income Generating Projects of Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus continue to bloom in  the first quarter of the year 2021.

PSU-BinC, being a Center of Excellence in Fisheries, boasts its production of high-quality Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in its freshwater ponds. The campus conducted its first and second harvest for this year last February 8-9 and March 2, respectively. Interested customers can avail these harvested Nile tilapia  for an affordable price of P80.00 per kilogram. A kilogram usually contains 6-7 pieces. Other cultured fish on the campus include dalag, ulang, and gourami.

The campus also offers tasty kilawing bangus that can be availed at P100.00 per 200g pack. Customers can avail of fishery products such as boneless bangus and bagoong. Additional income also comes from fruit-bearing trees within the campus such as the Indian mango trees. Fish enthusiasts can also take visits and buy from a wide selection of colorful ornamental fish such as guppies, mollies, and swordtail fish.  

The IGPs of the campus will not be possible without the continuous efforts of Mrs. Jennie B. Fernandez; IGP Coordinator, Mr. Jonathan Jose; Farm Manager, Mr. Raul Dela Peña; Production Manager, and Ms. Danschiel Genre Dean Ramos; Canteen Manager.

The IGPs of the campus are in line with the Strategic Goal 6 of the university which is the efficient management of assets and finances. Strategic Goal 6 seeks to formulate or adopt IGP manual and conduct feasibility studies on the possibilities of venturing into new IGPs.

For inquiries and additional information regarding the campus IGPs, customers may visit and message Igp Psu Binmaley on Facebook.