Campus Executive Director DR. MARCELO C. GUTIERREZ JR.
Campus Executive Secretary MR. DAVID LIVINGSTONE T. RAMOS
Unit Head, Administrative and Finance Services  MR. JONATHAN R. JOSE


Dean, College of General, Teacher Education and Allied Sciences DR. ROSARIO B. MIGUEL
Dean, College of Fisheries DR. ROSIE S. ABALOS
Dean, College of Criminology MR. ROMMEL G. CRUZ


Department Chair, General and Teacher Education, and Allied Sciences DR. CORNELIA E. IBARRA
Department Chair, Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries DR. SOTERO M. ABAN
Department Chair, Post-Harvest DR. DOMINICA J. SAJONAS
Department Chair, Criminology MR. ROMEO A. CALOZA


Coordinator, Public Relations, Publication and Information Office and Quality Assurance MR. GERONIMO R. ROSARIO
Coordinator, Student Services, Admission Guidance and Testing MRS. JESUSA B. SANCHEZ
Coordinator, Research DR. SHELLA C. PARREÑO
Coordinator, Extension and Training DR. DOMINICA J. SAJONAS
Coordinator, Vocational Technology MR. RAUL C. DELA PEÑA
Coordinator, Local and International Linkages MRS. MYLENE R. ABALOS
Coordinator, Alumni MR. LEMARK M. BAUTISTA
Coordinator, Practice Teaching and Field Study MRS. JOSEPHINE C. GONZALO
Coordinator, Culture, Arts and Pangasinan Heritage Studies MRS. JENNIE B. FERNANDEZ
Coordinator, Sports and Physical Fitness DR. EMMANUEL FEDERICO C. CAPINPIN, JR.
Coordinator, Statistics Center DR. ARLENE N. MENDOZA
Coordinator, Product Development and Commercialization MRS. MARGELITA D. GORIMBAO
Coordinator, Gender and Development MS. GINA S. MILLAMINA
Coordinator, National Services Training Program (NSTP), On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Disaster Risk Management MR. REY S. RAGUINDIN
Coordinator, Production, Resource Generation, and Auxiliary Services MR. RICARDO A. DE GUZMAN
Coordinator, Physical Plant and Facilities MR. JONATHAN R. JOSE
Coordinator, Planning and Management Information System MR. RENE B. DE VERA
In-charge, Aquaculture Laboratory MR. ARMANDO C. GARCIA
In-charge, Capture Fisheries Laboratory MR. GERONIMO R. ROSARIO
In-charge, Fish Processing Laboratory MR. LEMARK M. BAUTISTA
In-charge, Fisheries Science Laboratory MR. FRANCIS ALBERT T. ARGENTE
In-charge, Criminology Laboratory MR. ROMEO A. CALOZA
In-charge, Chemistry Laboratory MR. REY S. RAGUINDIN
In-charge, Computer Laboratory MR. RENE B. DE VERA
In-charge, Hospitality Management Laboratory MS. MARMIE R. POQUIZ
In-charge, Finance Division MRS. ALICIA C. SANGALANG
In-charge, Security Services MR. ROGER B. BELTRAN
In-charge, Farm Machineries and Equipment MR. BIENVENIDO A. BRAVO
Liaison Officer MR. BENJAMIN V. SARENO