Amidst pandemic, Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus underwent its Campus Quality Management System Internal Audit last February 14-15 2022 at the campus library.  

         The purpose of the said event was to enhance people’s capacity, internal systems, and processes resulting in the efficient and effective delivery of basic education services. This two-day internal audit will cover the months of November 2020 to November 2021. 

         The audit proper was led by Dr. Rosario DL. Valencerina along with her team Prof. Celeste Tamondong, Mr. John F. Quinto, Dr. Zosima M. Sison, Dr. Cielo C. Fernandez, Dr. Rosanna D. Gonzales, Dr. Razeale G. Resultay, Prof. Geronimo Rosario, Prof. Arceli Adoracion G. Ramos, and Prof. Sarah Jane M. Ferrer, who initiated the review of PSU-BCโ€™s various areas of operations. 

         The program proper started with an opening prayer led by Ms. Richelle A. Junio followed by the singing of the national anthem, Pangasinan hymn, and the PSU hymn via AVP. Afterward, the auditing team and the auditees were formally welcomed by the Campus Executive Director, Dr. Roy C. Ferrer, and Mr. Geromino R. Rosario, the PSU-BCโ€™s Quality Assurance Coordinator. 

         Dr. Valencerina, on the other hand, discussed the two-day meeting’s itinerary, including its objectives, scope, methodology, sample statements of conformity, positive points, audit findings, Opportunity for Improvement (OFI), and the role of the guide and observer.