THE IDEA THAT fishermen should be able to fish anywhere, when they want is tough— but not impossible.

This year truly reveals the spirit of every PSUnian that as pandemic situation prevails, the unshakeable commitments stand resilient to meet all set targets in this challenging time.

Evident to the midyear balanced scorecard of Lingayen Campus, more than half or 69.75% of the target is already accomplished and still setting more interventions to meet unmet targets, according to the recent Midyear Planning Report and Performance Management Review conducted last September 2.

This result is indeed a strong vindication of immense dedication, from ground to top level management, in serving the PSU community— not just by being great but most specially to being remarkable.

But what really makes Lingayen Campus team’s character exceptional?

Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo, Executive Director, once remarked that workers are vital backbones of the institution considered as valuable assets that preserve organization’s culture— vision, mission and values.

“People will always be our best asset in the campus. I would like to emphasize that their welfare will always be my priority. All our accomplishments are credited to our hardworking team,” Dr. Urbiztondo said.

For the people and by the people. That is the commitment of the Lingayen Campus which makes up its exceptional spirit— the #gaLINGAYEN character.

Embodying #gaLINGAYEN character

With the Midyear Planning Report, it is clear how Lingayen Campus embodied #gaLINGAYEN character by being triumphant in holding various projects, events, accreditations, and programs for PSUnians.

Through these academic quests, the campus had been recognized by some award giving bodies in the country in the past years and maintained this recognition by steering self-evaluations, practicing reflection and striving for continuous improvement.

To scrutinize, there are already 593 total number of trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences attended by faculty just this midyear. These programs and activities participated by the teaching force is part of the faculty development program to enhance skills and expertise of employees for their professional growth.

As of date, the campus has achieved 73% of the programs COPC Compliance grant; and 80% Program Accreditation with the recent visit (1 Candidate- BTLEd, 2 PSV-BS Biology and BTVTEd, 2 Level 1-BSND and BSSW, 3 Level 2- BSIT, BSCS, BSHM, 7 Level 3- ABEL, BIT, ABEcon, BS Math, BSEd, BSBA, BPA). This makes Lingayen Campus the leading Quality Assurance Hub in the university, holding numerous survey visits, institutional assessments, and benchmarking activities with some notable higher education institutions.

In research, there are 16 research outputs that were presented; 3 research publications (scopus and WOS), 23 ongoing researches, and 23 funded researches. As part of the developmental expansion of the unit— including Gender and Development, Lingayen is also known as the busiest GAD unit holding over 24 activities; webinars, extension projects and trainings— where some were star-studded bringing well known personalities like Vice President Leni Robredo, Business Speaker Francis Kong, Singapore-based lecturer Nimrod L. Delante and so many more.

And even pandemic, the campus is still undeterred to provide services to its clienteles thru various mode. In support services, 1339 clients availed guidance services, 273 for dental services, 647 for medical services, and 994 for library services. More and more, to provide students with remarkable experiences and networks advantageous in attaining their respective careers successfully, there are newly-constructed infrastructures and facilities (6 completed, 5 ongoing) to accommodate experiential and effective learning, once students come back to the campus premise.

Commitment that LINGers

This commitment shows that the institution still continues to serve as prime mover of quality education with the pursuit to the fulfilment of vision and mission.

And all of these have become the trademark for Lingayen Campus— to be the most sought-after institution in the Province and even in the Region.

At this time, the challenge in providing this same high-quality standard through new delivery systems is difficult, but the Lingayen Campus always uphold that true character can certainly be revealed in these tough times.

When put under pressure, people who are committed will be more committed. Loved will be valued. And tough will be tougher because ‘tough times require tough people.’

This is making impossible possible with #gaLINGAYEN character.  /mmpd