Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs & Support Services headed by Dr. Manolito C. Manuel alongside the Director for Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Razaele G. Resultay, convened with select college deans and program chairpersons for the review of course syllabi and study guides on March 22 at the Telesforo N. Boquiren Convention Hall, PSU-Main Campus.

The activity aims to review course syllabi and study materials of General Education offered programs for 2nd semester of A.Y. 2020-2021. Among the subjects that undergone thorough evaluative review were: Understanding the Self; Readings in Philippine History; Arts Appreciation; Purposive Communication; Contemporary World; Science, Technology, and Society; Mathematics in the Modern World; Life and Works of Rizal; Ethics; P.E.; NSTP.

Syllabus review serves as an evaluative tool for the faculty to identify and assess areas for improvement, and consequently, alignment with the status quo in education โ€“ remote learning.

Prior to this, similar activities were already administered by OVPAA and CIO focused on other program offerings of the University.