TO CULTIVATE CULTURE of a sustained level of risk awareness, the Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus underwent Orientation-Workshop on Risk Management (RM) on March 19 (Friday) to formulate risk management plan in preparation to the potential threats that would possibly hamper the campus processes.

Citing the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards, it is a need for the university to strengthen the risk management capability of the focal persons and process owners in four risk categories identified by the university namely: Disaster, Technology , Financial, and Health Safety and Security Risks.

“Risk management plan shall ensure that the university will continue to provide continuous service-delivery even before, during and after catastrophe,” said Dr. Grace Suratos, Head of University Risk Management Office.

The RM plan which is a document that details organization’s risk management process, will be helpful in ensuring the sustainability of the implementation of university’s processes by setting up procedures to avoid the risk, minimize its impact, or at the very least help cope with its impact.

“The output of this workshop will truly be functional in addressing all possible threats that would impede the normal processes in the campus,” Dr. Suratos explained.

In addition, the risk management plan shall also become part of the university Risk Operations Manual and Public Service Continuity Plan (PSCP) which is a requirement of the Civil Service Commission thru the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council.

For the Lingayen Campus, focal persons were identified to spearhead the preparation, formulation and integration of RM plan. These are Mr. Jayson Tamayo for Technology Risks, Mrs. Melanie Caronongan for Disaster Risks, Mr. Frederick Lalimarmo for Health Safety and Security Risk, and Ms. Ruby Sulipa for Financial Risk.

“This orientation is very important especially that we are experiencing the effects of CoVID-19 pandemic. Through this, we are able to strengthen and enhance the plan in response to the possible health threats,” said by Mr. Lalimarmo, the Physical Plant and Facilities Coordinator.

He added that due to the current situation, everyone is at risk, so health and wellness of the employees should be on top priority in order to cater the needs of the clients and other stakeholders.

Aside from Lingayen, the university Risk Management Office also sets Orientation caravan on RM process in other eight campuses.

“Orientation is done to other campuses because the risks present are unique to each campus,” Dr. Weenalie Fajardo, Director for Institutional Assessment and Accreditation, said.

She added that the unit is very overwhelmed with the support and active participation of the Lingayen Campus in the said orientation which was attended by some campus officials.

By the end of second quarter, the RM manual is expected to be completed with the approval of the Board of Regents. /mmpd