As the commonly used adage states, “Honesty is the best Policy”, Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus rigorously practice this statement by putting up an honesty store. 

The PSU Binmaley Cafeteria is not the typical cafeteria that someone serves food and someone is doing a cashier work because this cafeteria does not have any employee. Each item has a price tag while other items have its prices listed on the record book of the store and you can pay and get your change on your own.

In this store, everyone is expected to be honest. The campus store manager trust the employees enough to allow them to list the products they bought along with its corresponding price and then leave the payment. This strategy also reflected in the core values of the University which is “Accountability and Transparency”.

This management strategy was first known in 1995 in a coffee shop in Batanes which prides itself as “a store that is too small for dishonest people”. Since then, there were lots of honesty strategies that were established like the G-Liners bus company and the Manila Police Department honesty stores selling food, noodles, beverages and many more.

This honesty store was spearheaded by the Campus Administrative Officer Mr. Jonathan R. Jose and supported by the Campus Executive Director Dr. Roy C. Ferrer and is now a part of the Income Generating Project (IGP) of the campus.