E’PLURIBUS UNUM. From many become one.

A clear panorama of Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus (PSU-LC) for 2025 is now set in place in visualization of the new university’s vision— to become an ASEAN premier state university in 2025.

This is in line with the conduct of LC’s bannering program dubbed as “Heads Up”, a Planning Unit’s cascading activity of five-year Strategic Development and Annual Operational Plans, held at De Venecia Information Technology Center on March 1 (Monday).

“Heads Up serves as a primer for start up activities in the campus. This is just like the backbone of every program and project serving as a guide to get a full view of our targets,” said Dr. Christian Thom Tabisola, Planning Coordinator.

Moreover, the Campus Strategic Planning activities were also set forth to spark insights about how to restructure organization’s goals in response to opportunities and challenges for the five years.

From the planning session, various targets in quality assurance mechanisms, international and local accreditations, and awards were presented to point the way forward for the campus.

“This activity is very important to give more directed and unified activities for the common goal of the university,” Dr. Tabisola said .

Aside from the Strategic Development plan, a view of upcoming campus buildings and laboratories were showed. These include HM and ND cafeteria, Grand Lion Hotel, Continuation of Grand Legacy Building, Library Resource Center, 3D printing space, One-stop shop Student Center, PWD and All-gender comfort rooms, Guidance Office extension, Student Information Office, Smart Educ classrooms, Administration/Coordinator’s Office, TLE practice house, PSU Dormitory, PSU Centennial Stage, PSU Residences, Child Care Facility, BPA and BSBA simulation room, Lingayen Alumni Building, and Stock Market Training Room.

‘Heads Up’ which is a brainchild event of the campus, is indeed a bold move from the administration to bring a sense of focus to set goals and can be considered as one of the campus’ best practices.

“I am very proud to say that here in Lingayen Campus, we are all magaling [good], a true depiction of our battlecry— GALINGayen,” Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo, Executive Director, said.

Given all of these plans, there is no doubt that the campus is on its track to one common vision— a vision that is shared and embodied by PSUnians that from many, it becomes one. /mmpd