PSUnians unite to extend help to hundreds of Taal evacuees at the Laurel Municipal Gymnasium, Laurel, Batangas on February 25, 2020 in commemoration of EDSA People Power Revolution.

The augmentation assistance was both in kind and in cash to be utilized to build one house supporting the Alagang Lawa Housing Project for 150 families whose homes were completely destroyed by the volcanic eruption. The project aims to bring back the evacuees in their normal state of living where they have to fish and find on their own means to survive daily.

Of the 150 prospect houses to be built, there were already 82 financed by different government and private agencies including PSU. Approximately, evacuees are seen to remain at the gymnasium for only two to three months now.

Meanwhile, the in-kind donation comprised of hygiene kit and box of snacks given to cover at least a week in the evacuation site.

Hon. Mayor Joan Lumbres Amo of Laurel, Batangas expressed thanks and promised to invite PSU on the day of house blessing for its officials to meet their beneficiaries.

Furthermore, a sack of ash from the volcanic eruption was given to PSU subject to study by the science professors of the institution. From ash to cash donation drive aims to spring hopes in the hearts of Batangeรฑos.

This trying time of fellow Filipinos in Batangas was felt firsthand by PSUnians as they saw the actual scenes of devastation, total havoc in properties, livestock, and houses damaged by intermittent quakes and inches deep ash fall deposits resulting to economic loss. 

To date, Taal volcano simmered down and is hoped to be completely calm and rested.

The activity dubbed as โ€œHandog Pagmamahal ng PSU para sa mga Nasalanta ng Taal Eruptionโ€ is an initiative of the Extension Unit headed by Prof. Benica Briones under the Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension headed by Dr. Paolo V. Cenas.