INHALE, EXHALE. More than any physical wellness activity, a breathing exercise to release body-mind tension was first-hand experienced by the guidance counselors and mental health advocates of Pangasinan State University as part of their Online Training for the New Normal.

The Integrated Wellness training which was held at De Venecia Information Technology Center on December 18 (Friday), was virtually facilitated by Ms. Sara Black, a well-known meditation and radiant energy Coach from LiveAwakePH.

Ms. Black who is also a lifestyle photographer, cited that wellness is very important ‘more than just fitness’.

“Wellness, in a Yogic perspective, is the totality of our physical, bliss, intellectual, emotional, and breath bodies,” she added.

After a brief introduction on wellness, Ms. Black conducted a 20-minute Himalayan breathwork activity which includes Spinal Flex, Alternate nostrils, 4-part Yogic, 478 and 369 breathing exercises, for the participants to experience how the breath is directly linked to state of mind.

“Learning how a consistent internal movement through conscious breathing can help you arrive at a state of clarity,” the coach said.

After the session, one participant shared that throughout the exercise, he felt that he was able to release all his tensions not just physical but also mental rigidity, achieving lightness and relief.

Aside from the breathing exercise, Ms. Black also presented topic regarding Body-Mind-Spirit Integration by where movement, centering practices, and connection to self and to others were highlighted.

“In time of pandemic, we are in quandary and worries in terms of our health- physical, mental, spiritual and even financial so this training is very timely to help us develop our body-mind-spirit wellness,” said by Dr. Lorna Urbiztondo, Executive Director, in her welcome speech.

She challenged all participants whom she dubbed as ‘warriors’, to not just only to improve but to change to become a better person in mind and spirit- and from that change, ‘the community will follow.’    /mmpd