GENDER RESPONSIVE ORGANIZATION. To understand and address issues regarding gender gaps, Gender and Development (GAD) unit of Lingayen Campus spearheaded an Orientation on Gender Mainstreaming and Analysis Tools last October 14 at Dr. Telesforo N. Boquiren Convetion Hall.

Gender Resource Pool of Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), Ms. Vichel Rse E. Juguilon-Pangan, presented three sessions to better understand the community and partner beneficiaries in gender and development by knowing and getting a grip of the social processes and respond with informed and equitable options.

On the first session, discussion on Introduction to Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Analysis was delivered to recognize and understand gender gaps in the capacity of the organization.

Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework was also presented on the second session, to guide the campus in assessing the progress of gender mainstreaming.  While, Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines was imparted on last session to ensure that programs and projects undertaken by the institution in various stages are aligned to GAD.

In addition, Ms. Juguilon-Pangan shared some tips on GAD budgeting and planning to guarantee effective implementation of activities. Before the talk, GAD Coordinator, Dr. Presley V. De Vera, shared that the main goal of the orientation is to integrate gender on institutionโ€™s programs, projects and researches in line to be a gender responsive organization.   /mmpd