Regional Gender and Development Committee-1 (RGADC-1) which was composed by representatives from twenty nine government agencies visited Pangasinan State University Urduja GAD Resource Center (PSU-UGRC) on February 21-22 to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the said office.

During the first day of visit, RGADC-1 members inspected documents inside the Resource Center which earned PSU an approval regarding the existence of gender-related materials in the resource center which could be of help to its beneficiaries as far as information dissemination is concerned.

When asked about the nature of this visit by RGADC-1, Dr. Merlita Q. Santos, Director for GAD explained that it is on a take-turn basis which then was the turn of PSU-UGRC to be checked of its activities, documents, and plans for the present year.

Said organization took the whole first day of visit in reviewing documents followed by a courtesy call to PSU President, Dr. Dexter R. Buted.

During the courtesy call, Dr. Buted poured out his gratitude to RGADC-1 along his plight about the partnership. The University President is auspicious, the partnership would not be limited to conduct of seminars, symposiums, conferences, and the likes but rather be innovated and metamorphose its focus to research and activities that would cater people practical solutions to problems concerning gender and development.

On the second day, February 22, PSU-UGRC officials and RGADC-1 gathered at PSU Convention Hall for a meeting aimed at approving highlights and discussing matters from the previous meeting; discussing CY 2018 RGADC-1 Accomplishments; approving CY 2019 RGADC-1 Workplan; discussing GAD budget For a; discussing establishment of a Zonal GAD Resource Center; and approving activities for CY 2019 Women’s Month Celebration.

Said meeting proceeded to its agenda regulated by Atty. Harold D. Kub-aron, RGADC-1 Chairperson and a forum was also conducted during the meeting among representatives of the involved agencies in discussion of gender-related matters.

At present, PSU-UGRC, headed by Dr. Merlita Q. Santos, is bound to strengthen capacity of the University to send more GFPS members in international/ national GAD-related events, programs, and activities set as its ultimate objective responding to gender issues, its causes, and GAD mandates.

The membership of the University’s GAD Resource Center was just recently approved by RGADC-1 on May 15, 2018 having recognized PSU-UGRC’s critical role in assisting the said organization on capacity building and in championing the cause of GAD in higher education and in research and extension.

Anent the offer of membership by RGADC-1, PSU-UGRC responded and accepted it on May 30, 2018 in a hope it can contribute to the enhancement and promotion of gender and development in the region. Hence, the partnership with mutual goals led to this two-day visit.