Tributes have been paid to a long-serving former PSU President, Dr. Rufino O. Eslao, following his death aged 86 at the Dr, Boquiren Convention Hall, Lingayen, Pangasinan on January 7, 2020.

PSU community convened at the Main Gate and waited for the arrival of Dr. Eslao’s family with his urn. From the main gate, mourners in the funeral procession gathered at the Academic Building named after him for a simple ceremony to commemorate all that he had done for the university. They continued until everybody got inside the Dr. Boquiren Convention Hall for the morning mass to herald the Necrological Service.

Dr. Dexter R. Buted, the incumbent PSU President expressed his courtesy in his message as part of the short program followed by an audio-visual presentation constellating Dr. Eslao’s journey in PSU, bestowing of Golden Lion and Posthumous Award, testimonials from significant people whose lives were changed because of Dr. Eslao’s might, PSU flower offering, expression of gratitude from the family and at last releasing of balloons to symbolize release of grief and celebration of eternal life.

Former PSU San Carlos-CED, Dr. Cesar Delia who is also Dr. Eslao’s nephew said his passing was a sad loss and he was just as grateful as all other PSUnians to have been served and led to great heights by Dr, Eslao.

Dr. Eslao served the university for 6 years (1986-1992) who then levelled up PSU to SUC Category 1 from category 6. His remarkable and significant initiatives in academics such as the centralization of Graduate School operations, strengthening students’ welfare program and in-service communities attest to how hands-on of a President he was during his administration.

Recalled by his family, Dr. Eslao loved PSU and his heart breathed for it 24/7. As the 2nd President, he accepted the challenge of lifting to heights all areas of the institution one at a time like a father raising an infant. He helped keep the university in its heyday when he envisioned it to be well-known in the field of Engineering and Technology through the creation of PSU Urdaneta City Campus.

“Our father, the 2nd President who once served you PSUnians may have been gone from this world but his goodwill and remarkable contributions to the institution remain forever”, said Dr. Eslao’s family.