PROCESS, PROGRAMS and PLANS. Underlining one of the fourfold functions of the university, the Pangasinan State University- Lingayen Campus (PSU-LC) Extension Unit conducted a Faculty Orientation on Extension Services to new breed of instructors to introduce unit’s services and programs.

Said orientation which was held on February 26 (Friday) at De Venecia Information Technology Center, targets to familiarize new faculty members with extension process to ensure timely and effective implementation of the proposed extension program and project.

“In recent years, we saw the decreasing trend on the numbers of implemented extension programs in the campus. From this, we came up to conduct this orientation to raise awareness that as a faculty member, we still have a responsibility to take extension as one of the prime commitments in the university,” said Mr. Jandy Cacapit, Extension Coordinator.

He added that the extension unit is considered as one of the most challenged service units in the institution especially during these times of pandemic situation.

In fact, there are only one extension service conducted and completed last year given the restrictions and constraints brought about by the COVID-19.

“For this year, we are eyeing to boost our programs and projects with the help of our idealistic new faculty members,” Mr. Cacapit added.

From the said program, various topics were discussed which include: Extension Service Process by Mr. Jandy Cacapit; Extension Monitoring and Evaluation by Dr. Potenciano D. Conte, Jr.; NBC Rating and Points for Extension by Dr. Erna Salazar; Documentation on Extension Services by Dr. Abelardo S. Abalos Jr.; and PSU Lingayen Extension Accomplishment by Mr. Jandy Cacapit.

With the orientation, it is expected that the campus will develop service learning initiatives and strengthen extension programs that empower and build life-long capacities for the community and the members.

For this year, a line-up of strong community partnerships was set in place to implement some projects like the Adopt-a-Barangay which focuses on livelihood program in response with the pandemic situation, health awareness programs and literacy projects. /mmpd