A total of 133 Department of Science and Technology (DOST) scholars participated in the Job Hunting Strategies/ Employment Generation seminar on February 20 at Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus Convention Hall which was arranged by the said agency to prepare the graduating scholars for their career after graduation.

Said scholars came from the seven different PSU Campuses namely Lingayen, Urdaneta, Alaminos, Sta Maria, Binmaley, Bayambang, and San Carlos. Likewise, scholars from Colegio de Dagupan (CDD) and Urdaneta City University (UCU) attended the said seminar.

The seminar provided the scholars with real-life scenarios that they are bound to face as they step out of their institutions. The DOST looks up to and has high expectations for its scholars that they may expand their horizons and excel in the job industry among any others.

“DOST supplied you with the finances you need throughout the entire years of your collegiate stay. Along the way, seminars from time to time guided you and prevented you from going the wrong path,” Ms. Venus P. Andaya, SRS I addressed the scholars present in the seminar.

More so, the participants fell in queue for the registration, headed up to the invocation, and listened to the heartfelt welcome remarks of Dr. Manolito C. Manuel, PSU VP for Academic Affairs. A message from Ms. Felicidad M. Gan, Provincial S & F Director of Pangasinan also graced the opening program.

Afterwards, Ms. Bernadette May Mamitag, Chief Labor Employment Officer of DOLE Alaminos City began lecturing on “Career Guidance Advocacy Program” which included Project Jobs Fit, Key Employment Generators, In-Demand/ Hard to Fill and Cross Cutting Occupations Emerging Industries. The next in line among the topics prepared was the “Stages of Employment” (Before, During, and After Employment) discussed by DOLE.

Said seminar was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and with the Public Employment Service Office (PESO).