CAMPUS QUALITY MANAGEMENT TEAM (QMT) headed by Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo presented to some campus process owners the non-conformities, opportunities for improvements, conformities and good points on March 25 (Thursday) in preparation to the upcoming External ISO Audit.

The campus revisited its quality management performance from the Internal Quality Audit conducted last November 3-4 to talk on the immediate and corrective actions determined by the concerned process owners in response to the findings of local auditors.

It can be recalled that last November 24, the QMT already conducted a cascading event for the process owners to be aware of their audit findings.

From the previous internal audit summary of findings, the process observed to have highest good points is the Enrolment while Risk Assessment, Campus Operational Planning, and Medical and Dental Services processes had the highest conformities. There was also a decrease of non-conformities compared to the previous audit results.

Moreover, the team also discussed the status of actions from previous management review, changes in external and internal issues relevant to the quality management system (QMS), adequacy of resources, effectiveness of actions taken in response to risks and opportunities, and some other concerns on the information on the performance and effectiveness of the QMS. /mmpd