AS THE INSTITUTION practices quality management system thru ISO 9001:2015, Lingayen Campus is now set to digitize all forms and reports required for teaching and non-teaching personnel for efficient data management and archiving.

The Planning, Administration, and Human Resource units joint forced to orient employees on the various workforce report submissions during the roll out of “Employees’ Tool Kits Seminar” last May 3-4.

“Data management is very important because it creates a very valuable resource in our quality management system. This will enable us to get easier access to our information,” said by Dr. Christian Thom Tabisola, Planning Coordinator.

A digital archiving solution will also help the campus to get rid of the paper files following the ISO standards.

In response, the offices prepared a digital submission scheme using google drive to give ease with faculty members who are under work from home arrangement.

“Having a strong data management plan is very important for the success of the institution,” Dr. Tabisola said.

He added that good data management will make the unit more productive making it easier for employees to find and understand the information that they need.

In the set procedure, once the documents were accomplished, the employee will directly post the files on the google drive which can be accessed by anyone thru a request.

In addition, the Human Resource unit headed by the Campus Coordinator, Ms. Era Angelika Tomas, launched a system known as Human Resource Information System or HRIS last March, to digitize and consolidate all employees’ information into an online system.

The HRIS highlights the management of employees’ records, educational attainment and seminars, leave and benefits inventory, comprehensive personal data sheets, data analytics and reports, among others.

Moreover, new document reports were presented which are the Monthly Planning Schedule and Monthly Accomplishment Report, a more detailed report of Individual Performance and Commitment Review (IPCR), to provide an overview of what was achieved during the given period related to unit’s work progress and goals established.

Mrs. Luz Ceralde, Administrative Officer of the campus, also reiterated the importance of submitting of forms like Daily Time Record, Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net, Personal Data Sheet, and IPCR on time to avoid delay on reporting.

With this, the campus is looking forward for a more organized and efficient data management to improve service delivery in preparation to future accreditations and institutional assessments. /mmpd