In quest for quality education and improved research, extension, and production which have been highlighted in most of the speeches of the PSU President, Dr. Dexter R. Buted, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration of PSU-Asingan Campus went through onsite local accreditation for its second survey under the leadership and supervision of the Campus Executive Director, Dr. Valentin Calpo, Jr., together with Dr. Nemia C. Galang, College Dean of Technology and Business, Dr. Lobien S. Soriano, Chairperson of BSBA and Mrs. Jennifer Miguel, Quality Assurance coordinator, March 16.

With the nonstop pursuit to escalate curricular standards, Dr. Elbert M. Galas, Vice President of Quality Assurance, also joined and supervised the local accreditors with the assistance of his Quality Assurance Staff, Miss Magie-Lyn Tamayo in the evaluation and validation of the documents uploaded by the area chairs.

The local accreditors who came from the different campuses were: Dr. Amelita C. De Vera (Team Leader, Lingayen Campus), Dr. Cristie Marie C. Dalisay (College Dean, Lingayen Campus), Dr. Honelly Mae S. Cascolan (BSE and BTLE Chair, Asingan Campus) Dr. Jennifer Parone (Dept. Chair, Urdaneta Campus) Dr. Rodel Hacla (IGP Coordinator, Urdaneta Campus) and Dr. Frederick Patacsil (College Dean, Urdaneta Campus).

To ensure the compliance of the program with the standards and policies , the accreditors spent one- day review and evaluation in order to check the veracity, correctness and completeness of the documents for having at least uploaded 25 % of the needed files in preparation for the online AACCUP accreditation on May, 2021.

This kind of accreditation helps to guarantee that the program will meet and prepare all the requirements of the accrediting body related to curriculum, program admission and exit requirements, course offerings, program faculty, and facilities and financial resources, among other areas .

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