To improve the lives of the people in the community in terms of managing their finances and budgeting the family income, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) department started to implement an extension program on Financial Management and Budgeting Free Webinar series initiated by the BSBA Chairman, Dr Lobien S. Soriano together with the Coordinator of Extension Services, Dr. Gina B. Selga as well as the faculty and staff of the department, March 12-May 14.

The program beneficiaries of the said extension program are the PSU-AC BSBA students as well as their parents/guardians who are expected to start better financial planning and become more responsible in spending so that they can avoid excessive debts, instead, they will identify available resources within their reach for them to be more self-reliant and productive during this pandemic.

The resource speakers in the webinar series are: Atty. Ricardo Cachola, Jr. on Legal Basis on the Basic Financial Management and Budgeting, March 12; Ms. Jeanlyn V. Domingo (CPA) on Practical Application of Financial Management and Budgeting during the Pandemic, March 26; Dr. Lobien S. Soriano (DBA) on Access to Financial Products and Services for Additional Family Income, April 16; Ms. Glenny M. Salazar (MBA) on Increasing Family Income thru Commission from Financial Products and Services, April 30; Mr. Jonathan Jover (MaEd) on Social Responsibility and Good Governance, May 7; Ms. Fely Benica Briones (MBA) on Customer Behavior during pandemic, May 14.

The participants are asked to log in using the link provided for their attendance and for sharing their learnings, insights, questions, comments on the different topics of the webinar.