Pangasinan State University (PSU) acknowledged its newly emerged topnothers and the 2017 Board Examination performance of its graduates through Recognition and Awarding Ceremonies held at the PSU Convention Hall.

Two new topnothers joined the roster of achievers of PSU. Mae Veyvlelyn Sanchez ranked as the Top 9 of October 2017 Fisheries Technologists Licensure Examination with 84.25% rating, while Beverly Fernandez placed as Top 10 in the August 2017 Guidance Counselor Licensure Examination with 87.55% rating. Sanchez and Fernandez received each one of them a Php 80, 000 cash incentive for accomplishing the said ranks. The distribution of cash incentives to the board topnothers is pursuant to the University Board Resolution No. 72 series of 2015 or the PSU Board Topnothers and the Program Incentives Award. The program provides that a PSU topnothers who landed in the 6th to 10th spot will be given a cash incentive of Php 80, 000.

The faculty members of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Departments of PSU Urdaneta City Campus as they receive 2 checks worth of Php 50, 000.00 and Php 30, 000.00, respectively for having exceeded the national passing rate for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Board Exams.

Meanwhile, PSU Urdaneta City Campus recorded anew a remarkable performance for both Electrical Engineering (Registered Electrical Engineers) and Mechanical Engineering (Registered Mechanical Engineers) Board Exams with the passing rate of 100%. The said performances of the campus exceeded the national passing rate for the two board exams with 62.93% and 86. 99%, respectively. The campus also produced high-rating of passers for Professional Electrical Engineer, Registered Master Electrician, and Professional Mechanical Engineer.

In PSU Binmaley Campus, it had set another commendable performance results in the October 2017 Fisheries Technologist Board Exam with 41.94% passing rate. This surpassed the national passing rate of 34.24%. On the other hand, PSU Bayambang Campus took the lead for being the top one school performer in the region for the December 2017 Nursing Board Exam. It secured a passing rate of 86.67% which also exceeded the national passing rate of 45.65%.

Relative to PSU Board Topnothers and the Program Incentives Awards, the degree programs that surpassed the national passing rate with a minimum number of ten examinees can receive cash incentives. A program can receive Php 30, 000 (for 30%-39% above the national passing percentage), Php 40, 000 (for 40%-49% above the national passing rate), and Php 50, 000 (50% or more above the national passing percentage).

More so, the following specializations recorded good performances in their respective Board Examinations: Civil Engineering, Architecture, Agricultural Engineering, Education, Criminology Nutrition and Dietetics, and Social Work.

During the recognition and awarding ceremonies, PSU topnothers and passers were awarded with certificates of recognition in acknowledgment of their exemplary performances that brought additional credit to the board exam standings of PSU in 2017.