One of the outstanding Campus Executive Directors of Pangasinan State University received the send-off he deserved after long years of continuous dedication and commitment to work, July 8.

Spending fruitful years in the service, Dr. Valentin B. Calpo, Jr. who became the CED of the different campuses finally reached the point where he had to say goodbye for being the CED after accepting another challenging opportunity where he could share more of his expertise as the new Director of Presidential Management and Liaison Office.“

To take the opportunity of becoming a leader with gladness in your heart, you are accepting the possibility of improving yourself. Thus, your contributions to the institution will serve as your legacy as a leader, an instructor or a professor”, Dr. Dexter R. Buted said in his speech as he joined the send-off celebration of Dr. Calpo with the faculty and staff of PSU-Asingan Campus.

Dr. Calpo is a leader, a researcher, a bonsai enthusiast, a good soldier and a good father to all in the different campuses where he served as the CED such as PSU-OUS, San Carlos, Sta Maria, Binmaley, Infanta and Asingan. According to President Buted, he never complained to him about his decision, instead, he gave his full support and did his best to contribute for the development of the young minds that serves as his legacy as a government employee.

No doubt that Dr. Calpo is a good leader because he was not designated as CED for several years if he did not perform well. That’s why just recently, he was awarded as the “Outstanding School Leader of the Year”. He is also a researcher because he conducted several research studies which may inspire other aspiring researchers for their professional growth and job promotion.

It is with utmost respect and regard to say goodbye to a leader or a father of Asingan Campus who offered most of his time in guiding and working with the employees despite their differences in terms of their beliefs, attitude and perspective in life. Dr. Calpo serves as the epitome of success for being one of the outstanding CEDs in Pangasinan State University.

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