Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1479 promulgated by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the Pangasinan State University was created. The institution was conceived in the concept of an umbrella system, thus all college level courses of state-owned institutions within the province of Pangasinan were integrated into the university system.

One of the component colleges which came into fruition by virtue of the decree is the College of Agriculture, San Carlos City Campus which was originally the college department of Speaker Eugenio Perez National Agricultural School (SEPNAS). It was the offering the two-year post secondary Agricultural Technician (ATT) course and four-year Agricultural Teacher Education (BSAEd) program.

PSU-San Carlos City campus is presently offering teacher-training courses, namely: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education (BSA) with either Animal Science or Crop Science as field of specialization was opened in 1980. Hopefully, in the near future, the institution will be given the green light offer more relevant and viable course to satiate and quench the college clienteleโ€™s thirst for knowledge from the fountain of wisdom.

The college optimistically looks forward to the realization of objectives for which itโ€™s has been envisioned. With the unfaltering support of the administration and the untinted cooperation of the staff and the population in its service areas, no doubt it will succeed. Strategically located in the heart of Pangasinan and linked by a network of roads and communication facilities, the College has grown by leaps and bounds in so short a time. Much more so, the creation is an answer to the decongestion of student population in Metro Manila and its urban environs as conceived by the government. Likewise, the ideal location of the College affords the population a conducive atmosphere, and quality education for the teaching-learning process which is far from the noise, hustle and bustle of the maddening crowd.

PSU San Carlos Campus remains a relevant institution of higher learning through the strong leadership of its past and present administrators Dr. Rodolfo G. Tamondong was the first dean of the College. Others who served as Deans are as follows: Professor Arturo T. Bulatao, Dr. Restituta P. Disto, Dr. Leonardo E. Monje, Dr. Melanio D. Malicdem, Professor Nicasio C. Garcia, Jr., Dr. Honorio L. Cascolan, Dr. Dominador N. Simon, Dr. Virgilio C. Barongan, Dr. Lita Saygo, and Dr. Valentin B. Calpo, Jr. is the current Campus Executive Director.

To date, the campus assumes a highly dynamic environment where academic programs and activities are continuously reviewed, enhanced and improved to make it truly responsive to the demands of the labor market and the over-all academic welfare of the students to make their college experience remarkably fulfilling. As of 1998, the College was granted a Level I accredited status by AACCUP.

Through the dedication of its highly competent faculty and staff, the PSU San Carlos campus continues to move ahead and make the lead in achieving relevance and excellence in all its functions for the greatest interest and welfare of its community clienteles.

No doubt will the College succeed in its pledge of being an asset to the University system by proliferating the best it could give its constituents to carve a niche in the field of instruction, transfer of technology, research and extension and such agriculturally-related endeavors because a good cause will never die-it will always triumph in the end.