This has been again a credible platform for professional enrichment.  The approved institutional research paper, entitled, “An Intuitive Analysis on the School Culture of Pangasinan State University: Basis for Faculty Enhancement Program” by Dr. Erwin O. Estrella, of PSU Urdaneta Campus, has been approved by the Asian Intellect for Academic Organization and Development, Inc. for an online presentation.

At first, the inert ingenuity of the researcher was very reserved to apply for an online presentation. However, the pressing drive to hold onto the spirit for both personal and professional development brought him to pursue such action of putting all into place.  And everything became a part of the paper presentation historical journey.

December 20, 2020 was the day for Dr. Estrella’s oral presentation. Preliminary parts of the program were handled and conducted.  Talks and messages from the management were aired with enthusiasm and passion.  The presentors had already rendered their pieces and at last Dr. Estrella’s name was called by the facilitator.

“I flashed on the screen my presentation, revealed the details, explained every part, elucidated the findings and firmly flaunted the conclusions and recommendations.  After 10 minutes of presenting it, two of the attendees thrown their questions after extending their congratulatory remarks. After everything, my gratitude to the Almighty for this wonderful event.” – Erwin O. Estrella, Ed. D