A planning conference is held annually to integrate implementations and interventions to the University’s long-term goals. It also aims to assess the progress of each campus through its attained targets and additional platforms.

This year, the Office of the Vice President for Planning and Finance Management led by Dr. Marcelo Gutierrez Jr. initiated the 2021 University Planning Conference on March 2-3 at the Dr. Telesforo Boquiren Convention Hall.

Campus Executive Directors and planning coordinators conferred their respective 2021 Annual Operational Plan (AOP) and 2021-2025 Strategic Development Plan (SDP), which were evaluated by the university officials and then compiled by the Planning Office headed by Dr. Madlyn Tingco.

Also presented on the said conference were the 2020 Accomplishment Reports of each campus, which were evaluated by University President, Dr. Dexter Buted for the crafting of the 2020 President’s Report. Dr. Buted was very hands-on and contributed his insights and suggestions in addition to the pre-existing projects and programs.

Lastly, Dr. Florentina V. Javier, Consultant, stated her professional remarks and ensured that the finalized documents were harmonized with the institutional objectives.