Pangasinan State University has once again achieved success in securing a Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) to a  total of 50 Degree Programs out of 73 that are offered in 9 campuses. Out of these 50 Degree Programs, 16 have just been successfully awarded last November 12, 2021 in PSU Lingayen. This constitutes 68% of the total number of all the offered degree programs in the university that have been secured with a COPC. The remaining 23 out of the 73 Degree Programs are still in the process of compliance.

Said recognition was awarded by Dr. Rogello T. Gallera, Director IV of the Commission on Higher Education, together with Dr. Danilo Bose, Ms. Maryrose Quezon, and Ms. Angelica Dolores. University Officials who were present to the event were Dr. Manolito C. Manuel, Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs Office and Dr. Billy T. Festijo, Director, Institutional Assessment and Accreditation who received the award.

The degree programs that have been awarded the Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) are the following:

1. Bachelor of Secondary Education – PSU Lingayen

2. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – PSU Bayambang

3. Bachelor of Arts in English Language – PSU Lingayen

4. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education – PSU Bayambang

5. Bachelor of Elementary Education – PSU Bayambang 

6. Bachelor of Physical Education – PSU Bayambang

7. Bachelor of Secondary Education – PSU Bayambang

8. Bachelor of Secondary Education – PSU Urdaneta

9. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education – PSU Urdaneta

10. Bachelor of Science in Biology – PSU Lingayen

11. Bachelor of English Language- PSU Urdaneta

12. Bachelor of Secondary Education – PSU Binmaley

13. Bachelor of Elementary Education – PSU Sta. Maria

14. Bachelor of Secondary Education – PSU Sta. Maria

15. Bachelor of Science Agri-Business Management- PSU Sta. Maria

16. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – PSU Lingayen

The Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) is a recognition that the specific degree programs being offered by SUCs/LUCs are fully compliant with the policies, standards and guidelines of CHED. To ensure that the existing programs of the SUCs/LUCs are quality assured, the issuance of COPC shall be requested from CHED. This is in compliance with the CHED Memorandum Order No. 14 series of 2019. In case the SUC/LUC will not be able to secure the COCP within two (2) years, the Governing Board may decide whether or not to continue offering the program.

The awards and recognitions that a university has received in the past is a good indicator of its quality and prestige. Through this certificate compliance, PSU ensures that it is always in line with the guidelines of the Commission on Higher Education to provide our students with a quality and excellent education.