The Pangasinan State University-Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC) has launched a Values Restoration Program to instill and promote the core values expected of a PSUnian and a Filipino citizen. The program also aims to recognize model employees who serve as inspirations to the community.

The program consists of two activities: Value Focus and Value Reflection. Value Focus is conducted every Monday at 4:30 PM, where assigned speakers express their thoughts and experiences about the value of the week. Value Reflection is done every Friday at 4:55 PM, where assigned speakers share their realizations and reflections about the value of the week and mention the name of an employee whom they believe to have exhibited such value.

The employee who gets the highest number of mentions from the assigned speakers will receive a certificate of appreciation and have their picture displayed in the IiP corner. The Office of the HR Coordinator will facilitate the awarding of the certificate and the posting of the picture every quarter.

The program is expected to encourage everyone to continuously embody the core values and to inspire others, create better change in the community, and develop highly principled and morally upright individuals.