Campus Publications

The University Frontier


The combined letters of TUF (The University Frontier) formed the shape of a shield, symbolizing a haven for TUF staff where they can feel a sense of belonging and security. Furthermore, the shield in the logo denotes that the organization can be trusted to consistently deliver excellent outputs that the rest of the world needs to see.


The open book represents knowledge, facts, and truth being shared that corresponds to the wisdom and intellect that must be possessed by every member of the organization. The open book also signifies the members’ transparency and honesty in providing information to the community. And that they will deliver information accurately and objectively to gain the readers’ trust and confidence. On a deeper level, it symbolizes the spirit of independence, openness, and intellectual curiosity that allows everyone to see beyond their own class, economic standing, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or ego.


The blue and yellow colors of the logo are the official colors of Pangasinan State University. The Campus will serve as a fortified place for the advancement of journalism. It is denoted by the blue color which represents freedom of the press alongside the duties to serve the interest of the public while the yellow color denotes optimism to advance public interest and welfare and seek opportunities to improve students’ potentials.


A quill, or writing pen, is a sign of communication formed from a bird’s feather. It is a powerful weapon for writers. A skilled writer may do far more than a successful soldier on the battlefield because writing is more than a weapon; it is something that lasts long after the author has passed away. “Pen is mightier than a sword,” as the saying suggests. Also, the quill represents the student journalists who continue to strive for truth and fairness.