The Pangasinan State University Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC) welcomed its new faculty members with a Structured Learning Experience (SLE) and Orientation on January 6, 2022, Thursday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the PSU-ACC PBB Atrium.

The SLE and Orientation, organized by the Office of Learning and Development Division of the Human Resources, aimed to:

  • Provide attendees with concise and detailed information that will enable them to discharge their duties and responsibilities as faculty members;
  • Help them adapt faster in their new environment;
  • Promote productivity as this enables them to understand what are expected of them and what they expect from their leaders;
  • Encourage openness and understanding between employees and their line managers; and
  • Inculcate among them the core values as reflected in the core competencies and leadership competencies that the University upholds.

The SLE and Orientation activity was anchored on the IiP principle of โ€œleadingโ€ which postulates that line managers and leaders should provide clarity around its purpose, vision and objectives; a clear and regular two-way communication between leaders and people at all levels exists; people understand the Universityโ€™s objectives; and that line managers support people to deliver these objectives.

The SLE and Orientation featured various topics and speakers, such as:

  • Clearance and renewal requirements by Prof. Rene D. Cacho, Campus Administrative Officer.
  • Test Development, TOS and Rubrics Preparation by Dr. Christopher J. Cocal, University Director, External Funding and Special Projects and Miss Caren Ventayen, Chair, Elementary and General Education.
  • IPC/IPCR and MPS/MAR by Dr. Maria Teresa C. Abella, Dean of the College of Teacher Education.
  • IiP Generation 6 Framework and Individual Development Plan (IDP) by Dr. Jenylyn V. Oboza, Campus Executive Director.
  • Faculty Portfolio by Miss Chenee Marie Cacho, Chair, Secondary and Professional.
  • Quality Management System by Miss Shyeleen A. Nunez, Coordinator, Quality Assurance and Dr. Gloria M. Ducut, HR Coordinator.
  • QMS processes on curriculum and instructional materials development by Mr. Lemuel M. Ventayen, Dean, College of Business and Technology;
  • MS Teams by Mr. Ruissan A. Ramos, Chair, Information Technology; and
  • University Research and Extension agenda by Dr. Jocelyn De Vera, Coordinator, Extension Services.

The last speaker, Mr. Brandy N. Celino, Campus Guidance Counselor, gave his talk on Stress and Anger Management.

The SLE and Orientation was attended by more than 20 new faculty members from different colleges and units of the Campus. The activity was a success, with positive feedback and appreciation from the attendees. The activity also helped the new faculty members to get to know each other and the Campus Leaders, and to feel more confident and prepared for their roles as educators.