The Pangasinan State University Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC) has launched a new initiative called Conversations Over Coffee (COC) to bridge the gap between Campus Leaders and employees and foster healthy communication and collaboration within the organization.

COC is a monthly activity that is conducted every Monday of each month, from 4:00 to 5:00 PM. The activity provides a proper venue where the employees can freely and fearlessly give their comments and feedback about how they are managed.

The specific objectives of COC are to:

  • make people and leaders partners in achieving the Universityโ€™s Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives (VMGOs);
  • establish open communication between leaders and people;
  • help increase trust in leaders;
  • engage people in decision-making make them feel that their contributions are valued, and
  • help leaders evaluate and improve their performance.

The Campus Executive Director, Campus Administrative Officer, College Deans, Department Chairpersons, and Officers of the Faculty and Non-teaching Association attend the COC. The officers of the Faculty and Non-teaching Association, as representatives of their respective associations, are urged to consult their colleagues about issues and concerns they want to raise to the top management during the COC.

The Campus HR Coordinator serves as the facilitator of the conversation. Each college/unit hosts or sponsors a conversation. The host college/unit provides coffee/pastry/bread for all the participants.

COC has several positive impacts on the people involved, such as:

  • Building relationships: COC provides an informal and relaxed setting for the employees to connect with the top management. This can foster a sense of camaraderie and improve teamwork within the organization.
  • Increased employee engagement: COC contributes to a positive organizational culture and boosts employee engagement. Employees feel valued and connected to the top management, hence, they are more motivated, productive, and satisfied in their work.
  • Collaboration and idea sharing: COC facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge among employees and the top management. It allows for open discussions and brainstorming sessions, leading to increased creativity and innovation within the Campus.
  • Stress reduction and well-being: Taking a break from work and engaging in relaxed conversations over coffee helps reduce stress levels and improve the overall well-being of employees. It provides a chance for the employees to recharge, share their thoughts, and receive support from their colleagues and the management.

Overall, having COC on campus enhances communication, collaboration, and employee satisfaction, leading to improved performance and a positive work environment.

COC also has a profound impact on leaders by building relationships, gathering insights and feedback, generating new ideas, promoting collaboration, providing mentorship, and enhancing employee engagement. These conversations can contribute to effective leadership, improved decision-making, and overall organizational success.