MASIRIB KULTURA (Culture and the Arts Unit)

MASIRIB KULTURA (Culture and the Arts Unit)

An organization from the Bachelor of Information Technology.The development and betterment of student rights and needs is a top priority for the domain of information technologists. It has a program planned and will also influence the student’s well-being.


A.Y. 2021-2022




Aguilar, John Roman F.

Executive Vice President

Serafica, Israel M.

Vice President for Communications

Gallego, Christian J. 

Vice President for Students’ Rights

and Welfare

Guevarra, Brenn Justin P.

Vice President for Projects and Activities

Awanin, Jennilyn B.

Public Relations Officers

Alcause, Joshua Marc M.

Riparip, Gerna A.

Business Managers

Cerame, John Cyrelle B.

Goana, Lovely Kris C.


Mamaril, Ace Brando C.

Callejo, Jean B.


House Speaker

Battad, Sheira Mae G.

Deputy House Speaker

Agbulos, Dominique Jason C.

Majority Floor Leader

Pariño, Melchor R.

Minority Floor Leader

Galliguezm Winnie Crisel G. 


BS Architecture

Comilang, Irel Cossette S. 

BS Civil Engineering

Rivera, Claren T. 

BS Computer Engineering

Agustin, John Michael L.

BS Electrical Engineering

Aquino, Julius M.

BS Mechanical Engineering

Peralta, Mark Mervin DG.

AB English Language

Perez, Lloyd Jezreel Llarinas

Teacher Education

Manongdo, Gwyneth Berni Karloux F.

BS Information Technology

Bautista, Erickson T. 

BS Mathematics

Rous, Sandrea Benitez.