The Pangasinan State University-Alaminos City Campus (PSU-ACC) has become more colorful and lively thanks to the efforts of four student organizations under the College of Teacher Education. The PRIME, GEG, CS, and TAGNAWA groups collaborated on a landscaping project that aimed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and environmental quality of the campus.

The project involved planting various flowers, shrubs, and trees in strategic locations around the campus. The students also designed and installed decorative elements, such as rocks, pots, and signs, to complement the plants and create a harmonious look.

The landscaping project was part of the student organizationsโ€™ community service and extension program, which seeks to promote civic responsibility and social awareness among the students. The project also aligned with the PSU-ACCโ€™s core values of being a socially and environmentally responsive campus that values nature and biodiversity.

The project was initiated and supervised by the faculty advisers of the student organizations, namely: Ms. Babylyn Balgua and Dr. Melody De Vera (PRIME), Mr. Mervin C. Anoc and Ms. Sixianne Reception (GEG), Ms. Zarah Jane Annudin and Ms. Camille Alferez (CS), and Ms. Janice Carambas and Mr. John Michael Salazar (TAGNAWA). They expressed their appreciation and commendation to the students for their hard work and creativity.

The PSU-ACC administration also praised the student organizations for their initiative and contribution to campus beautification. The administration encouraged the students to continue their involvement in such activities and to take care of the plants and decorations they installed. The administration also urged the other students and staff to support and participate in the landscaping project and other similar endeavors.