Brigada Unibersidad 2022 was held on March 14, 2022 with the theme, “Pagkakaisa’t pagtutulungan tungo sa kalinisan” as part of the preparation for the upcoming limited face-to-face classes in all programs.

School personnel, volunteer parents, students, communities, and other stakeholders, were gathered to participate in the cleanup drive. To speed up and facilitate tasks, each department has its area to which they were assigned. The College of Hospitality Management was assigned at the Bayanihan Center for Rural Development (BCRD) building; the College of Teacher Education was assigned at the Purita Braganza Building (PBB); and the College of Business and Technology was in charge of the New Building (NB). The different colleges were tasked to do the gardening, cleaning, repairing, repainting, and posting of necessary signages in their respective areas.

The learning environment is vital in the learning process. Clean classrooms with well-kept learning resources and attractive surroundings will motivate students to attend classes. The success of Brigada Unibersidad 2022 has proven the solidarity manifested by every member of the PSU-ACC community. Brigada Unibersidad was rooted in “bayanihan,” one of the fundamental tenets of Filipino culture. It is in keeping with the Filipino spirit to support and help one another as a community in completing a goal without expecting or asking for anything in return.