The 2-day Quality Management System (QMS) 2nd surveillance audit at Pangasinan State University under the evaluation of SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Incorporated officially concluded through a closing meeting held via Zoom, March 4, 2022.

During the conference, SOCOTEC Lead Auditor Laureen Grace Calmerin presented the findings from the said audit where five (5) PSU satellite campuses took part namely: Main Campus/Lingayen Campus (Program-Undergraduate and Graduate, Curriculum Development), Bayambang Campus (Program-Undergraduate and Graduate, Laboratory), San Carlos Campus (Library), Asingan Campus (Program Undergraduate and Graduate), and Urdaneta City (Program-Undergraduate and Graduate, Engineering Facilities including Maintenance).

Meanwhile in his message, University President Dexter R. Buted expressed his gratitude towards Vice President of Quality Assurance, Dr. Marcelo C. Gutierrez, Jr., campus executive directors, campus officials and all those who showed their support for the said endeavor.

โ€œโ€™Wag nating tignan ang QMS as a certificate, bagkus, tignan natin ito bilang isang paraan upang mas pagandahin pa ang ating ating sistema,โ€ Buted stressed as he urged university officials to embed their standards to their daily routine as members of the PSU community.

The QMS 2nd Surveillance audit is the last audit for the ISO 2015. Succeeding audits will focus on larger scopes of areas.