The Faculty Association of Pangasinan State University showed solidarity and dedication to the universityโ€™s well-being as they visited PSU Alaminos City Campus for a General Faculty Assembly today, September 29.

A comprehensive lecture on the associationโ€™s internal accountability mechanisms was given by Mr. Ace John Mark Liwanag, the revered president of the PSU Faculty Association, who spearheaded the event. He underscored the necessity of adhering to rules, solving problems, and most importantly, rendering healthcare aid for faculty membersโ€”the universityโ€™s top priority.

The assembly dealt with pressing matters, such as the CBL of the faculty association and healthcare issues, that were raised and discussed. Liwanag, skillfully guided constructive dialogues, creating a culture where faculty members freely voiced their perspectives and proposals, all for the advancement of faculty rights and the institution.

Dr. Jenylyn V. Oboza applauds Liwanag for his devotion and attention to the campus in his role as the Faculty Association President.

Key figures in the Faculty Association such as Mr. Ian Gamo, FA Vice President; Dr. Potenciano Conte, FA Secretary; Dr. Regina Tubera, FA PRO; Dr. Jocelyn De Vera, FA Business Manager; and Dr. Christopher Cocal, PSU-ACC FA President also joined the assembly and played vital roles in organizing and facilitating it.

The event is part of the PSU Faculty Associationโ€™s continuing series of general faculty assemblies which seek to improve the connections and solidarity among faculty members in the institution.